Answers To Common SEO Questions

Many vexing questions about Search Engine Optimization are asked daily in conversations and website planning meetings. 

Often the answers to these questions are based on personal opinion or experience. However, some time spent watching videos, listening to podcasts or reading posts that come directly from 'the horse's mouth' (Google) will quickly transform these answers from speculation into fact.

 The posts in this series are a collection of learning assembled from various Google sources into categories that are designed to speak to and answer common questions. Hopefully, reading one of these posts will answer the question and allow the reader to move on to the real work at hand, which is to improve user experience.

Duplicate Content Penalties

The issue of duplicate content and the penalties that supposedly result from it wastes an inordinate amount of time. The fact is that there is no such thing as a duplicate content penalty. Read more

Syndicating Content

The duplication of the same article or post across multiple sites is often discouraged more because of duplicate content issues than the real problem, which is dilution of ranking signals. Read more

404 Errors. Dangerous for SEO?

No one likes a 404 error! They are annoying but are they bad for SEO? Does an increase in 404 errors signal a drop in ranking for a site?

The short answer is NO. Yes, you should track and fix 404's because they represent lost opportunities and user irritation but not because they drop search engine rankings. Read more

Proper Use of the Sitemap

Used correctly the upload of a sitemap via Search Console (prev. Webmaster Tools) can speed up indexing and improve your site's reputation. Here's how to do it properly and earn Google's trust at the same time. Read more